Where can I park?

There is free parking in front of the studio building along E Jones, and under the highway towards Austin St. The parking spaces are not assigned and are on a first come first serve basis.

Can I rent other photography equipment that is not included in the rental?

Yes. Contact our Studio Manager, Jillian Huskin, at elevenhundredcollective@gmail.com for pricing.

What time is the best to shoot?

For harsh lighting from the six west facing windows overlooking Broadway St, it is best to shoot in the late afternoon.

For soft lighting, shoot in the morning.

Is there an elevator?

Sadly, no. There are two flights of stairs that lead up to our studio space.

Is there a bathroom?

Yes. There is community bathroom on the second floor, and two single-stall bathrooms on the third floor.

Is there a deposit due when renting?

Yes. There is a 50% deposit due when you book the studio.

Can I rent the studio for events, not just photo-shoots?

Yes! Our 1,500 square foot studio space has hosted workshops, engagement and cocktail parties, and much more. Just specify in “Contact Us” tab what type of event you wish to have!